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Unprecedented levels of complexity and unpredictability are part of our current world. If we are to continue to effectively lead organizations, heal patients or assist others in creating positive change in their lives, we need adaptable and proven tools to utilize now and well into the future. Coaching provides the ability to be flexible and relevant no matter the situation and time. Coaching is a valuable and effective method for assisting others in discovering what they need to thrive to be happy, healthy and motivated.

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At Learning Journeys, you will not only develop the skills and knowledge to masterfully coach others, you will receive the support and leadership to continually expand your own potential.

Learning Journeys, The International Center of Coaching is recognized as one of the coaching industry's most innovative coaching learning centers.

Here you will discover powerful coaching competencies, tools and techniques to assist others in broadening their vision of self. You will learn methods for disbanding limiting beliefs, embracing expanding beliefs, recognizing barriers, stretching potential, shifting behavior, holding people accountable and much more. You will experience rigorous training as well as energizing coaching that broadens your perspective and enhances your creativity as you work with employees, peers, patients and clients.

Working with us is one of the most enjoyable challenges you will ever take on.  

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Our Approach:

We often see the same approaches being implemented over and over to inspire change:

  1. Provide others with the “right” information and they will change. 
  2. Restrict their options and they will have no choice but to change. 
  3. Scare them and they will fear not changing.
  4. Reward them and they will jump at the chance to change.

Unfortunately, none of these approaches create positive lasting change. The best approach to inspiring change is to take a Coach Approach. 

The Coach Approach is not about directing people in what we believe is the best direction for them. It is about asking them to define who they want to be at this moment and in the future. Then through coaching techniques, we support their choices.  

The Coach Approach grows the prefrontal cortex of the brain increasing clients' resilience, creativity and belief in self.  What we experience are clients making decisions that honor their values and true potential ultimately living lives they have only imagined.



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What Others Are Saying

Jennie- a story...
Many years ago at the construction company where I worked there was a sales manager by the name of Ade. Ade was a unique individual in that he took a stand for people, fought for their rights, for fairness, for justice in their lives. When I say fight, I mean if he thought somebody needed defending, he would turn red in the face, march out of his office and you could hear his voice down the hall as he loudly proclaimed to management about how they screwed up and had to make it right. This was not just how he did his job, it was how he did his life.  If he was your friend, he had your back, and he really did. He worked three jobs at the same time so his daughters could go to college. He was so, so close to his family and friends. He was the definition of a big-hearted guy.  Well, one day when he was in an unusually peaceful and relaxed mode, he said to me, "Mike, I wish I had been a minister".  Then he died, much too soon, and too young. At his funeral, in the eulogy, he was described as a minister, for he was one, every day.  Not the kind that stands in a church, but, the kind that actully impacts people's lives.
So Jennie, I believe, like Ade, you are a minister- a minister of change, helping people make real change in their lives.  Don't ever stop!

-Mike Mann

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