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Learning Journeys The International Center of Coaching is recognized as one of the coaching industry's most innovative personal, business and wellbeing learning centers. Here you will discover powerful coaching competencies, tools and techniques to assist others in broadening their vision of self. You will learn methods for disbanding limiting beliefs, embracing expanding beliefs, recognizing barriers, stretching potential, shifting behavior, holding people to account and much more. You will experience rigorous training as well as energizing coaching that broadens your perspective and enhances your creativity as you work with employees, peers, patients and clients. Working with us is one of the most enjoyable challenges you will ever take on.  

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At Learning Journeys, you will not only develop the skills and knowledge to masterfully coach others, you will receive the support and leadership to continually expand your own potential.

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Performance, productivity and profits depend on individuals being happy, healthy and motivated.  Coaching is a valuable and effective method for assisting others in discovering what they need to thrive.  We provide one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and coaching programs to ensure sustainable and recognizable success for individuals, teams and organizations/universities.


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We've helped small and large organizations alike. Get in touch with us and let's talk, off the clock of course.

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How do I begin to thank you?  What a wonderful 3 days. It gave me just what I needed at this time in my life. My spirit has been re-charged and ignited.  My purpose is a lot clearer and I'm excited to do my work. You are soul food and I feel nourished and filled up.

Shine on!

Jeffrey, Chapter Two

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